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Hi. I am new to this forum. I have owned many Independent Fabrications and a few Fats.

Here is my Yo from years ago. Been in storage for many years and I just pulled out of the attic. Not a dent or ding on it. Just a couple of very minor paint scratches, maybe 2-3mm long. Otherwise the paint is pristine. Syncros cranks, XT drivetrain, SRAM 7 speed grip shift, Titec bars, Rock Shox fork, Real brake levers. Serial is YO SM21. Paint is a metallic green to dark green fade. Head tube is 1 1/8". Need some feedback. What is this bike reasonably worth? Not really wanting to sell it but I am certainly curious. What year is it? I can't recall. Thanks for the feedback.


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Couple more pics

Onza brakes too.


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Easily a grand. That's a great one to hold onto. If you don't mind v-brakes, you'd be hard pressed to find a better modern hard tail and the fact you can run modern forks with the 1 1/8th head tube is a great thing.

Be careful with the Onza brakes---they have a reputation for cracking. Those levers are very sweet though.