Yo Rebuild Single Speed option


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All I am starting the planning of a Yo rebuild, getting an ingleheart fork lined up and taking it back to an original frame and BOI rigid fork layout. But I am toying with the idea of converting it to a single speed as I think i will more use out of it as I have a santa cuz tall boy as my prime ride and looking to use the Yo as a single speed, I don't want to alter the frame and use conversion to get a single speed set up, Any one else running a yo as a single speed and have some info on good or bad conversion parts and setups?

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The eno hub is sweet. Make sure it's the 'eccentric' variety before purchasing though; they also make a standard hub that doesn't take up chain slack. I might also add that I usually have luck finding a 'magic gear' that yields good chain tension without any ss specific conversion parts or horizontal dropouts. Right now Ive got a size 19" IF deluxe (ca. y2k) set up SS with a 32x20 and a sram ss1 chain. The chain tension is dialed with that gear!


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JUST finished building up an Eno eccentric for my Wicked. I haven't had a chance to shake it down yet, but will report back after.

One thing for sure, it is CLEAN and looks GOOD. Very nicely done hub.