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yo' djblu

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I am sure there has been talk of this before but I am going to ask again. I am sick of seeing SOOOO many Medium frames for sale and me not buying one. I want to know if I am 6 foot would a medium fit my bod?? My wifes s/m is a bit short for me i use to have a med. But that is tooo far back for me to remember.

thanks for any help on this issue.


Yo Eddy!

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= 1.82m, that is about my size and I ride a Medium Yo! Personally I would prefer a M/L, but I guess that also has a bit to do with that I like a high front end. I compensated with a subtle riser bar.

Nevertheless always keep in mind that one 1.82 m person could differ significantly from another 1.82 m person. Short legs, long torso or contrary etc.


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I am just over 6' tall and ride a M/L. I also have some Fats that are L and 19.5" and 21", and I am able to make them all work very using different stem sizes.
The advice that I was given "back in the day" was to use as small a frame as possible (19.5" for me), and I use a 150 stem, works great. These days longer top tubes seem to fit better so I use 130 or 135 stems on the larger frames.
If you look at the Fat catalogs, some of the top tube lengths are actually very close, depending upon year.
The later Fat catalogs had size reccomendations and they strongly reccomended a M/L to me whan I bought my last couple bikes from them.