You win some you lose some, New to me XS Buck Shaver !


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So as you guys know I have been looking for an XS fat for a while now. So a couple of weeks ago one popped up on ebay and despite the obvious red flags of a new seller and a couple of fuzzy pics I ended up buying it. The seller was good about completing the sale but to put it plainly she flat out lied about the condition of the paint. While there are thankfully no dents there are several scratches that are thru to the metal and there is a little surface rust in the seat tube which will hopefully prove to be no big deal. Bottom line is it needs a repaint.

To add insult to injury Many of the parts on the bike are wasted.
The cranks and chainrings are toast as are the rear cogs.
The brakes are rusty...
The bike is actually a 93 not a 95 as was advertised. This has two significant consequences... it isn't set up for v brakes and it isn't really suspension corrected.
The suspension is no biggy as I have a 1" threadless tange rigid fork here which will fit nicely.
However the bike came with an atom bomb that did a lovely job of scratching the downtube with its adjusters.....

The only redeeming factor is that it did come with a ck headset so that is one less thing I have to buy (except that it is missing the stem cap which was replaced with some safety bolt monstrosity the likes of which i have never seen.

So here is my situation. I am ~$450 into a bike I would have usually only paid $250 or so for and given that it is destined for my children to have fun on it is really hard to justify another $275 for a professional paint job + decals on top of all the replacement parts I will need to buy.

So now I pose the question what would you do? I am very handy in general up to and including brazing and welding, but I am not set up to do professional painting.

My gut feeling says to media blast it and do the best I can with automotive rattle cans in a simple primer + one color + clear.

If I am going to strip it, should I update the cable stops for v brakes while I am at it or should I keep it historically accurate an run the original wierd canti set up? (doing so creates other problems at the front end as I have to find a way to run cantis on the front on a 1" threadless headset and a fork with no hanger.... ugh.

Sorry for the rant. As usual any input from my fine fellow fat cogs is appreciated.
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Rattle can...

So now I pose the question what would you do? I am very handy in general up to and including brazing and welding, but I am not set up to do professional painting.

After stripping with paint remover and a wire brush on a drill, you might find a local powder coat company to finish it - I did. I bet that wouldn't be more than $50-$75. Mine included a fork and was about $80 USD and took 24 hours.

As I understand it, the stickers Rody's been working on will be safe to use over a finish and I can't imagine them being more than $30-$40. I bought a headbadge from Jen Green and called it a day - she's awesome by the way. I'm sure Rody will come through, but I'm sick to death of the decal waiting, Wendyll scamming game. I'm going near naked in protest.

So - a couple of hours work and $80-$115 sound more like it?

I wouldn't make any changes to the frame itself. Why not pick up some nice cantis? I might have some DiaCompes hanging around I'll donate to the cause.


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I have a big air compressor so I will probably just blast it clean. I hate using chemical strippers...
I had thought about powder and may go that route if I can find someone local who seems capable and reasonably priced. Cantis are cheap on ebay I just don't know what I am gonna use for a cable stop in the front. I can't find a hanger for 1" threadless anywhere. I can go v's in the front cantis in the back i suppose....

I just finished wrangling the headset cups out of the little bugger. What a pain. The headtube is so short the park tool can't expand. So I had to take the ole brass punch to the lower cup.

So Rody what's the time frame on decals?


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For a kid's bike, powder is def the way to go..super durable and looks great.

It's a shame to say, but Fat's paint is really piss poor for longevity, should media blast right off.

I've got the Yo decals finished and am patiently waiting on Doug to forward the art for the balance of the models to me to finish off and get produced.

For a lot of repaints, I've been laying a powder coat, using original decals, and then finishing off with a coat of liquid clear. Been working out well as we are still all hanging on for completion of some durable decals for our beaten steeds.

Here's a pic of a Yo that I refinished recently...




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What color is it? Does it have a nice age patena look. If so keep it. I have a canti on my bike my lbs set up a hanger for the bike.

I recently built a bike for my girlfriend. It is a Trek 930 with OXII tubing. The frame isn't perfect. The total build cost $775. Put new Avid v Brakes on for $140. Eno single speed rear hub, cog and wheel build was $300.

I brought the bike for $175. When I got home I pulled everything off and realized every part was wasted and need to be replaced. New Xt bb $20 and H/S $20. It adds up, but it was fun and I don't regret it one bit. The bike rides perfect and me and my girl go riding for a couple of hours every sunday. The bike turned out to be awesome and I don't regret one dime I spent. Next year I may take it apart and have it repainted.
The Trek was also ment for canti, but I made V brakes work. I don't think canti are good for a beginner, just my opinion...

here's a pic of the final bike
Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the input guys.
I am digging the idea of clear over powder. If I can find someone around here who is up for it that's what I'll do. The bike is/was leslies purple here is the link to the auction for some lousy pics. I'll shoot better ones tomorrow if I get the chance.

Unfortunately this bike is way past nicely patina'd Its more like ready to start rusting...

I have a fair number of parts in my bin so I don't think I'll have to buy much.


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Unfortunately I missed the chance to buy a perfect set of buck shaver decals the other day. Which is too bad cause I have a good scanner...

Yo Eddy!

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there are hangers that bolt directly to the fork

you could go for a suntour power hanger or similar

do not know whether 1" ahead steerer hangers exist, but they do for 1-1/8 and reducers also exist

there are ahead stems with noodle


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What about a stem with a through hole or one of the Salsa with a Moto roller?

I like the bike. It will look great when it's done.
I think those stem are only quill?


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Let me know if there are any parts you need. I'd be happy to help out if I can.


I didn't know that green one was yours. Great work!

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I just don't know what I am gonna use for a cable stop in the front. I can't find a hanger for 1" threadless anywhere.

I had the same dilemma with my 91 Yo and got one of these from Bikeman that did the trick. The link is for an 1-1/8" model but they also have a 1" black that looks "vera nice" ;) . Stay the course lucifer, it'll be a fantastic ride once it's been given the proper love.


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sorry to hear that the bike did not work out. it took all of my will power not to bid on it. even though as you mentioned - everything was wrong with the auction. once you get it all cleaned up i think you will be happy. your kids will be stoked too.<p>

as for the cantilever set up. if the fork does not have a canti stop there is a direct bolt on part. i just switched my wife's Buckshaver back to retro cantilevers. but, it looked like the bike was equipped with cantilevers in the auction? new pads and run it.<p>

paint: i recently bought a small full LX steel bike off eBay. it was quite a bit cheaper at $89.00 but it is not a Buckshaver either. i had the frame and fork powder coated and i came out quite well. $94.00 for the 15" frame and Rock Shox Judy stantion tubes and fork brace. if you have a bead blaster - do it yourself as i think the attention to detail will be better.<p>

stickers: you might want to speak with Mike Swantak @ Velographics. i know he has done work for others on the board. he is doing a Kona Expolsif sticker kit for my eBay special.<p>

will post pics tomorrow. this story is bad - but remember my eBay Salsa Ala Carte that arrived full of water. at least your bike is dry.



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Thanks guys.
If bikeman still has the hanger then that is what I will go with.

The bike had shocks on it when it came that had a hanger but those shocks arent going back on as they don't clear the downtube and they are heavier than the frame itself...
The shocks will be up for sale shortly if anyone is interested.

I found a local powdercoater who will do the frame and a rigid fork for $100. Probably going to do that in a nice pure white.


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Too bad it didn't work out. Some sellers seem to get away with plain lying. One thing I know for sure: that Buck XS will definitely turn into a beauty. Here is what I did with an XS I bought over a year ago:


PS: why does the new forum mess up all the pictures?

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The pics are not messed up at all. Just click on them and they grow huuuuuge!!!!!

Doug did that so immense pics won't ruin the sites' layout.


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@Lucifer: If you go for V-brakes, you will get in trouble on the rear end of the bike. A regular V-brake noodle does not have the right curve for the cable to run nicely between noodle and cable stop on the top tube. There is a simple solution: replace the standard noodle on the rear for a flexible noodle that looks like a shower hose. That will the cable will curve just perfect. Another option is an Avid Rolamajig, but these tend to clog up with dirt. All the best of luck!


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Almost two years later this bike is finally done.
Well it doesn't have stickers but I am working on that.
It cost way more to build then planned but it's basically new.
My daughter loves it.
The rattlecan job looks ok and it was basically free so that helps.
I'll post pics when I get a chance.
Tonight I need to put on the matching front tire. Which I finally found after a year of ebay searches.