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  • Well Scottie it is good to see you alive and well. Was thinking of the clan as i am building another Gremlin. This time it's a 74 with a 437 inch 401 and an automatic. Yep, you know whom I am :-)

    This is where i work, as head machienist R&R Cycles http://www.rrcycles.com We are building the 401 there.

    I traded my Fat Chance for a new roof :(
    I will own another one some day.
    Hello "Boris" I haven't seen Danny is several years. I was married to his sister Mary and we separated in 2004 after an ill-fated move to Maine and their younger brother Peter's suicide. I needed to change my lifestyle and I left them all behind. I got remarried in 2007 and live in Hudson, MA. I work for a mid-sized fabrication firm that build all kinds of gas turbine parts and systems for GE and Siemens among others. I really miss making cool bikes. Thanks for the shout and Happy Holidays
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