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  • Hey Scott - What do you think of this?


    It's got what appears to be the newer decals, 1 1/8 head tube and vertical dropouts. Was it def a NY bike? Waiting on the serial number...

    I ride a 93 Slim that you may have welded, and I ride it everyday. Had a 93 Yo! as well that I loved.

    I thought maybe I'd pick this one up, but doesn't seem like a somerville bike.

    Hope you're well, thanks for any insights in advance, and thanks for welding such awesome bikes.

    I hear ya on the roof, we just had ours replaced too! I don't know of any 21s available, you may have to resort to ebay or craigslist. I ride an 18" Wicked and a Medium TI.
    Good luck
    My "old" Fat Chance was a 21" frame with 26" wheels.
    I was looking in that direction.

    I currently have a Chinese P.O.S. suspension bike
    and thoroughly hate it.

    I miss that Fat City bike.
    I would rather a have leaky roof.....
    Hi Scott :)
    How's things with you and the extended family?
    Anyway, I am looking for a Fat City bike to replace my
    bike I traded for a new roof on the house.
    Hope you may know of a lead or two.

    Tim C.
    My email is dozer0543@yahoo.com if you want some pics. I'm located in manchester nh at this point but still sure if you were ever close and want to see it
    Hey Scott--Did FC use any of these "wet" decals in 1985? I am restoring SN 85576 as accurately as possible and would like to use that type of decal rather than the vinyl ones. Boy, doing this right is a pain, but I hope it will be well worth it. I haven't seen a restored 85 with decals that match the brochures or review articles and am therefore working from print anyway.

    Thank so much,

    Scott in Denver
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