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  • Hi Fat Tony: I have a mid 90's Yo currently built up but I can sell you the frame and other goodies like a Yo fork and XTR headset for a good price say $600.00. Frame is a NY build in good to very good shape. Not sure if you want a Mass. build and no other. Let me known. Me and the bike are in Wisconsin. Kevin
    Tony, I sent a reply but it may have been in your name box. Part of the problem here frankly is me and lack of IT savvy. thanks for the response.
    Hey man: thanks for checking in. Everything is a okay but need to get back on my bike. Weather here has been perfect and I have been doing too many home projects.
    Hi Tony! long time no see. Haven't been back to AL in quite some time. Wish I was there this weekend for the Talladega races.
    hope things are well with you and the wife.
    see ya
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