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    My Grello in L

    enjoy :)
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    wanted : 1 inch quill stem 130-140mm

    15-26 degree rise :)
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    Will trade 93 Yo Eddy in M/L in aquafade against L or XL

    I would like to trade my 93 aquafade Yo Eddy ML frame with a big one fork against an L or XL frame. The frame is not for sale, will only trade against something bigger because i am 6,4 and the ml is too small for me.
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    after a ride in the rain...

    ...a pic of my rather dirty aqua yo eddy
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    my friends yo eddy!

    here is my buddies yo eddy! .. size L 1997 saratoga built
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    got my big one fork yesterday...

    thanx to a fellow forum member from germany i received big one yesterday. i couldnt resist installing it right after i took it out the box. the ride is awesome me retro ..but i think yo needs this fork. i will post some pics soon. right now the color doesnt match my aquafade...
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    questions regarding my 95 yo eddy....

    my frame came stock with a judy sl. i want to upgrade to a big one fork. one of my friends offered me a fork from a 91 yo eddy. will it fit ? as far as i know i need a big one fork designed for the 95 suspension fork geomerty right ?
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    userful retro mtb weblinks

    i thought it might be a good idea to share some useful weblinks... here we go : most retro mtb catalogs on one site... this site is in german but it has awesome images of olschool bikes and parts ...
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    My 91 GT Zaskar

    used to be my fave ..until i came across the yo eddy!
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    a pic of my everyday ride

    not a fat but i thought another steel classic might be appriciated.
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    big one fork wanted .

    need a big one fork for my yo eddy ( m/L) anyone ? thanx :lol:
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    pic of my fat

    heres a pic of my is my fat ..... i got it 3 weeks ago and set it up myself. theres a couple of parts i still want to change but for now i