big one fork wanted .


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fat fork

wendyl of FAT fame is producing these in very limited quantities. I'm waiting to hear back from wendyl, so I'll let you know when I do.
not cheap tho ;)


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that would rock long as the price halfway reasonable...did she tell u how much she is asking for ?


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hav u seen the stella artois advert?

...reassuringly expensive.
$350, choice of 1in or 1 1/8 ahead, standard, 60 or 80mm adjusted.

if you ever see yo betty selling loads of FAT swag on ebay thats the easiest way of getting in touch. wendyls an exceptionally busy but beautiful person :D


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Hi Scanty,

Kudos for creating the site! ......... now give us more info on The 'Fat One' forks....... will they be sus corrected, if so, for how much travel........ooh this is exciting isn't it?

Team Violet(Lavender) Rocks!

Love Andy

Ti-Fat Man

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My big one inch!


Picking on you mate because you live on this side of the pond!. When I got my Ti from bromley it had the Big One Inch, with the Silver to Blue fade at the drop-outs, like a fool I gave the fork away, and guess what I want it back now (stopping my feet like a five year old!). I have read that wydel is re-doing the fork, Have you heard if any have come out yet and if so have any been shipped to the u.k. If so what is the procedure in placing an order? Ta Alan


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big 1

ti-fat man, where abouts in the UK are you? :)

in 98 there was a yo eddy with big 1inch fork for sale in bristol 2nd hand for 350quid, gutted I didnt buy it now!

I'll try to call wendyl tonight & mention theres people queing up for a fork!. There have been a few made, they all stayed stateside.

corky, you've probs seen above that the forks available in a few different lengths ;)


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i saw that big one on ebay...unfortunatly i need the 1 inch version.

does anyone know how much wendel is asking for a new set of stickers ? (yo eddy)


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Hey wow! I'd love one of these -- I'm gettin' too slow to be fooling with suspension nowadays.

Does anyone think we can work out a group buy on some big 1's?



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I'd take a couple of sets. Trying to maintain my old suspension forks is becoming a chore. I've got an old Answer stem lying around so I could even cope with the threaded version.


Mountain Goat

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I'd also be very interested in a Ti version for my Fat Ti (1" steerer) W could do well out of this deal.

I recently paid $300 for a big one off ebay plus about


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Lets get organized!

Looks like we have folks interested (tentatively, of course) in 5 Big1's! Shall we move ahead in an organized fashion? :D

If we were to create an official interest list, what info do we need to capture?

Your real name
Forum name
How many forks you want
steerer tube diameter / length
suspension correction, yes or no
if yes, 60 or 80?
color preference
braze ons? (canti studs vs disc brakes)

Anything else? Let's figure out what info we need to capture first. After we do that, I'll be glad to take emails, and compile a master list. Then we can contact Wendyl to see if she's willing to do a run for us.

What do you all think?

Mountain Goat

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Sounds good to me :

Your real name: Brian Facer
Forum name: Mountain Goat
Address Northampton. England
How many forks you want: 1 definately (2 if the price is right)
steerer tube diameter / length : 1" - standard can give exact length if required
suspension: Yes
color preference: Silver to Blue Fade to match Ti Fat.
braze ons? (canti studs vs disc brakes) - Canti Studs

(any chance she can knock up a couple of Yo-Eddy's at the same time? :0)


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Ok, Brian, got you on the list!

By the way, check the list again, I amended it to include more information.


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just so you know guys, wendyls already aware of this list. may be a long wait, but it'll be worth the wait ;)


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Count me in. :)

Your real name:William Boulton
Forum name:Will
Address:Bristol, England
How many forks you want:2
Steerer tube diameter: 1"
Suspension correction, yes or no: Yes
If yes, 60 or 80?:60
Color preference:Titanium silver to blue fade and Chameleon Metallica.
Braze ons: cantiliver/v-brake studs.