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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Tokyobike Promenade bar which I think is similar, if not the same, as the Velo Orange model. From Treadley in Adelaide, a great shop.
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Back on the road!!!!
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    1989 Wicked -latest rebuild

    A new paint job and a mixture of original, custom and low budget bike shop parts have turned my 89 Wicked from race bike to a gentleman's Town and Country cruiser. The original low and long setup was too much for the old neck, so Tokyobike Promenade bars and a Brooks saddle give me a more comfy...
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    New Yo

    Ha...I remember carrying my Wicked over my head to get across some mountain creek...great shot.
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Thanks for your responses, that's a load off my mind. Epoxy it is. Will start putting it back together and post some pix when done. I think I'm going with black decals....... Fat Cogs is a great resource! Cheers!!!!
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Here's the pix......what do you think?
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Thanks, guys....I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    I found a BMX seat post which was a bit small and used a shim.
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    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    Nice 89 Wicked is getting a new paint job (in the same scheme) after 30 years of basic black. Enjoy your Fat!
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    '88 Wicked with Reynolds 531 Box Crown & Unique Paint

    That's forking sad :-( Cool paint job!
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    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    I am attempting to revive my 89 Wicked and after sandblasting and powdercoat ( unfortunately), I see a small pin hole in the joint where the BB shell joins the downtube. There was some rust inside the shell which I removed, but obviously did not see this. The bike will be used mainly for mellow...
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    Fat City Cycles Frame Registry

    Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Wicked Frame number: 11369W Year of manufacture:1989 Frame size: 18" Color (original and repainted, if applicable):Black Location (city, state, country): Adelaide, SA, Australia Owner name: Halbo Photo, if possible: Purchased in 1990 in Nanaimo, BC. Been in...
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    Original NTN Replacement BB Bearings

    Thanks, mate.....4 bearings for $9 US is a good deal. Starting a rebuild of my old 89 Wicked. The spindle is rusty and I need collars but we’ll get there! Had the bike since 1990 and will be buried with it. Edit: Amazing..... got the bearings from Las Vegas to Adelaide Australia via DHL in one...
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    V-Brakes for Wicked?

    Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my cantilever brakes (worn) to V-Brakes. I have an 89 Wicked frame and am going back to the original tapered rigid steel fork. Is there any problem with mounting V-Brakes on the original brake studs?