1989 Wicked -latest rebuild


A new paint job and a mixture of original, custom and low budget bike shop parts have turned my 89 Wicked from race bike to a gentleman's Town and Country cruiser. The original low and long setup was too much for the old neck, so Tokyobike Promenade bars and a Brooks saddle give me a more comfy position. I went for a 1x8 which is enough to get around Adelaide, using a Surly 34T chainring and BBG bash guard. Nice new titanium BB axle collars from Specialty retro. Another interesting feature is the original WTB geaseguard front hub, now on it's 3rd rim. Even in cruiser trim it is light, fast and corners like its on rails. A couple of shots of earlier builds, too.

Rebuilt in 2006, still mostly original, except for V-Brakes

Fat tired SS beach cruiser 2019:
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