Pinhole in BB shell joint


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I am attempting to revive my 89 Wicked and after sandblasting and powdercoat ( unfortunately), I see a small pin hole in the joint where the BB shell joins the downtube. There was some rust inside the shell which I removed, but obviously did not see this.
The bike will be used mainly for mellow cruising around town ( I am 67!), so I'm wondering if it needs welding or just patch with epoxy?
I can get a pic up later.


Somehow I sensed the page! hahaha

Since you've gone to the trouble of blasting and powder coating, the cheapest fix is to patch with a drop of epoxy. If there is no obvious corrosion around the pinhole, then it will not be that likely to grow any further. Make sure the bike is wiped clean and dry after each ride in wet conditions.

Rusting inside the shell is not uncommon since the crank bearings cannot possibly keep out every last bit of moisture.

Good luck with the build!
Post some shots when you can