1987 Wicked - Sell or Convert

Eric Savetsky

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I am the original owner of 1987 Wicked, and its completely all original. Its an all black frame, fork, handle bar, XT components. Its in very good condition, with no dents in frame or fork, and only minor scratches. Still has all original stickers on it. I'm trying to decide whether to convert it into a commuter or sell it depending on what its worth. I also have all the original paperwork including receipt, owner tag signed by lots of factory folks, and the original brochure for the bike with the specs. 19.5" frame size. Looking for thoughts and potential interested parties. Thanks.


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Just remember if you want to sale it here on Fatcogs, you need to post up an asking price. Looks like a sweet ride that could definitely go as is, a commuter, or even a single speed.


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87 wicked

It looks like it is in great shape- way better than my 89 which I am planning to have repainted. My decals are 90+% gone and the paint is worn through in places. Did/do you ride it much? Does it still shift ok? I also have the gloss black but with the neon green decals. I put the original forks back on after a few iterations of suspension forks and still enjoy riding it on the more mellow Moab trails and single track in the mountains here. What is your price range?

Eric Savetsky

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I haven't ridden the bike in 10+ years, but will run the bike thru the gears to see. Back rim was breaking spokes, so needs a rebuild or at least truing and some new spokes. Still not sure on whether to sell or mod. Also, suggestions on setting bike up as a single speed/commuter or similar. Determining a fair price for the bike is really hard with historic prices all over the place. Nice thing about this bike is that is 100% stock original with original paperwork. I'd entertain offers, but please don't lowball because I'm not going to give it away.


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If it were me, I'd keep it and commute on it. Slick tires, some fenders or a rack, and you are set for likely well under $200.

It is likely worth $400-600 depending on how much cleaning you did before selling and whether you'd be willing to ship, etc. If you were to take everything apart and sell it you might net a little more, but would need to do a lot more work. For the amount of bike you can get for that range new, I'd say you are better off keeping it.

Nice stem!

Eric Savetsky

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Thanks for the suggestions Nate. I agree, at $400-600, with the sentimental value factor, its hardly worth selling. We'll see what happens. I the meantime, I'm going to fix the rear wheel and start riding it again.