1988 Fat Chance Build


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Well, i have had this frame sitting in the closet for about 2 years now. Did some trading with a few friends and got most of the parts lined up. So now its time for the build. Doing this one mostly period correct, or as close as i can. Be a cool looking bike when its done.

Quick question, the seattube is measuring about 26mm. Does that sound right?


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Step 1

Removed the old headset. Removed the Mavic BB, rebuilt it and put it back on. Framesaver'd the whole frame. thorough cleaning and polishing to come next.


Quick question, the seattube is measuring about 26mm. Does that sound right?

Nope! 26.4mm. If it came complete, you're probably looking for a silver Strong branded post. You might find something higher end if you're lucky.

Is there a signature on that paint job?


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Interesting cable routing, looks like the standard brake bridge was removed. I don' recall seeing any like that but it's possible.

Artwork is a one-off for sure but I like it

Good luck


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Little Bit of Progress

Making slow progress on the build. Did some rough assembly to get a list of whats missing. Did get the bottom bracket rebuilt. Installed the Chris King Headset. Mounted the fork- vintage Kona but matches the style of the orginal. Cleaned up the Cook Brothers ecrank. Test fit some tires and the handlebars. 2.35 fits easily on the front. Even a 2.1 is kinda tight on the back. 2.25 rubs as seen in the pics. Kinda digging those mustache bars. Plan is a 1x 7/8sp with the thumb shifter and a Sachs New Sucess rear. Brakes are some vintage Avid TI Vees, for now. Missing parts on the canti setup, so that has to wait. Paint polished up pretty nice and has some sparkle in the sun light.


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