1988 Monster


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1st time posting on a forum, so here goes.
Between info. gathered here & First Flight Bikes pretty sure this is a '88 Monster.
Serial #12928W w/later components, replaced Manitou 1 that has toasted elastomers
with Mag 21. Added Panaracer Smokes, rest came with bike.
I'm not online everyday so I'll post a few pix & if wanted add more pix and info.







Thanks for lookin'


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If you ever decide to switch out the front for a Dart or something else, let me know. You have a buyer.


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Thanks guys, especially like the Mavic Paris GAO Dakar/M231 wheelset that came
with her, near mint.
Dart, as in Rock Shox Dart? Would have put on Mag 20 that I have but too lazy to
change out crown/steerer, a little more period correct.


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Guess you were talking tires huh? Sorry, groggy Sun. watching tube.
Set of near nos Smokes on Ebay, starting ar $142 or so. Too rich for me.


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mombat lift

1988 Monster Fat (Wicked) 18" 11558W

1989 Monster Fat (Wicked) 19.5" 15269W

1991 Monster Fat Large 201M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 0375M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 0337M1L
1991 Monster Fat Large 197M1L
1991 Monster Fat Medium 332M1M
1991 Monster Fat Medium 356M1M

1992 Monster Fat Small 232M2S
1992 Monster Fat Large 0061M2L
1992 Monster Fat Large 0096M2L
1992 Monster Fat Medium 197M2M

1993 Monster Fat Medium 047M3M
1993 Monster Fat Medium 034M3M


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Thanks for the nice words guys. I'm a detail person so appreciate the response.
Riding in So. Fla. (Naples) is like being on a sand bar, flat. I ride mostly urban
terrorizing the townfolk down by the beach. Nice trails central & n. fla. but do'nt
get up there too often.
Yep, stands for Wicked. Read the thread on it about a week ago, also talked briefly
w/Jeff @ First Flight. Gil, the decal guru (does all mine, great guy) @ RetroBike also
gave me a little insight, said they do'nt see many early Monsters over there.
Had a 1988 Klein Pinnacle, they did kinda same with those frames. Pull a Pinnacle
frame and make it a standard or do a backfire paint job w/nicer Suntour components
& make it an Elite.


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Now the bad news, for me anyway. I'm up there in years and the riding position on this bike bothers my back so I've put it up for sale. Selling bike minus Mag 21 & Mavic wheelset, check the for sale section if interested.