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1991 Monster Fat - For Sale


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**** SOLD **** Thanks to all who were interested!

I am listing a 1991 Monster Fat all original in Mint condition.

The bike is currently posted locally on Craigslist;

I will make sure to post more pictures this weekend... feel free to contact me directly if you need more details.

Price is $400 including shipping, $350 if you live in Nashville or can pick up local.

*** Shipping will be included for the US only, Shipping out of the US will need additional fees...*** Sorry for any confusion! Thanks for looking!

OK I am an idiot... I can not get pics to upload! Please e-mail me and I will send over!
Thanks everyone for looking!
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Size Response

If this were a medium size I would be paypal'ing you right now. :mad:

Tell me how I can find the size and I will let you know. Hit me up on email for some much better pics and I have one of the serial number as well...
Thanks for the comment!