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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site, however I have spent some time with retro MTBs. About three weeks ago I have found a 1992 Monster covered with some nasty stickers so not having its own FAT CYCLES name - whai in fact made it attractive :). It is a 1992 bike with 1" headtube, 26.4 IRD seatpost, Ringle Zooka Stem, Ringle front hub, Topline cranks and no logo CK headset. It even has Salsa 3ttt bar :) Right now many things need to be sorted about it, but most probably the frame will be repainted (it has already been repainted at least once...) and I've started thinking of chameleon metallica for some time.
This is my second FAT frame, the first one is 1994 Buckshaver in Arrest Me Red, but I haven't ridden it yet since I was collecting parts for Yeti which was first in line for rebuilt.
Then I have found complete bike, so I thought it would be nice to buy it :)
I attach few pics with temporary FAT stickers - enjoy :)


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el mo

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Thanks :) 90's CNC stuff is in pretty good order, as the forks come from my other bike. Purple cranks and ringle stem as well as skewers ar OK, hovewer zooka's clamp was cracked (that's why it is replaced with temporary silver one).
Last night too modern rear XTR brake was replaced with WTB canti - the same as in front end.

Waiting for good weather, it is still raining here.