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1994 Buck Shaver 211B4S


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I am having to part ways with what I believe to be the last Buck Shaver out of Sommerville. When the shop I bought it from placed the order, September 15, 1994, they were told 4 frames were left. 2 YOs , a Team and my Buck. I had only 3 color choices, was the only paint they had left. I chose the purple metallic and sent my Mag 21 and had it paint matched. I am asking 1400.00 . I would like to get some conformation on it being the last one. If it was, this bike is a special one and needs to go to a true Fat Head.


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My last day in the Somerville shop was October 27 (28?) 1994. The last frame I welded was a road bike. The power company came in the early afternoon, opened the fuse boxes, threw the switches closed, yanked the fuses and then chained and padlocked the boxes. I don't know what the serial number of that frame was. Kinda wish I had written it down. Digital cameras were still in their infancy and were out of the reach of a bike frame welder's pay. There were many frames in the shop in various stages of manufacture so it's difficult for me to say what the last one was. All of those frames were taken to NY and finished there. I don't know how many painted frames were completed and in inventory at the time of the closure.

It is a sweet looking bike. Wish it was available when I was looking for one for my wife a couple of years ago.

Oh well, good luck


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What a beautiful frame and bike!!

I'll post my photos one day, I promise. Somehow it still seems like a bit much.

What a great story regarding the electric company!!

Thanks for the bike post and follow-up from the builder.