1996 Yo Eddy


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Hi All

First post here but have been lurking for a while. I have just acquired a 96 Yo Eddy that I a super excited to build up. Doing a bit of a web search seems there is a lot of variations for how these were built. I have a bunch of XTR M952 and red anno bits so thinking of building up as per the specs below. Let me know what you think.

I have XTR M952 cranks and BB but really want to use the syncros on something special and these seems like the bike.


Headset: Red Chris King
Brakes: XTR M952 Vbrake
FD: XTR M952
RD: XTR M952
Cranks: Syncros forged polished
Tyres: Smoke and Dart Gumwall
Wheels: Hope TiGlide (red) on Mavic 230 TI B
Skerers: Red Hope
Seat: Turbo Sil Gel
Pedals: XT Deore

Stem: ?
Seatpost: ?
Bars: ?


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That is beautiful, especially with the segmented forks. If you bling it up too much you won't ride it and it will end up as an objet d'art ;)


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New here myself. Frame looks great and inspires a cool build. Syncros crank...nice.

Just completed a Wicked build using some 80s and 90s parts with new CK headset and recent Paul Neo-retros. Found Ritchey Force stem and seatpost which look good and Bontrager San Marco seat which for me is comfortable and functional.

Have fun on your Fat!


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Serial Number on the frame is: YO L 0451

its exactly the same as listed for the 1996 Serial number on Mombat,

1996 Yo Eddy Large YO L 0451

So a I am assuming that is in fact a 1996 model and not a 1995. The difference I can see between the 2 years is the '0' before the number. I am guessing that it's frame number 451.

Do you think I am correct?

Thanks Russ


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How's the build coming on, have you got any pics of it built up yet?
I think it would work with either the syncros or xtr cranks, and even some red ano ones as your adding other red parts. Also i think a red post and silver syncros stem/bars would finish it off nicely.:)


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Hi Guys

Not far away from building it up. Just waiting on the stem to arrive.

Ended up going with a silver CK head set and found some NOS RooX bars and seat post. Usually like to match post and stem but think the post and bars will work. The stem I have at the moment is Control tech but think I will look for a 1 inch syncros to match the cranks.

Will post a few pics when we start to build her up.


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My Yo is pretty much done. Need to change the seat and grips.

Will post up some more images and the final build details once the final parts arrive. Been riding it around and it's just awesome.


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Its Done

Well finally completed.

1996 Yo Eddy
Made in Saratoga
XTR M950 Brakes, Shifters, RD
Roox NOS Bar and Post
Flite seat
Control Tech Stem
Syncros Forged Cranks
Hope Ti-Glide
Mavic 230 TIB
Smoke and Dart Tyres
Chris King Headset
Keywin NOS pedals
King Cage titanium cage
Original Australian Fat Imports Bottle
Built by Steve at Whites Bikes, wheels by Dan at Shifter Bikes.

Full gallery is up on Flickr