1998 WTB Phoenix (repost from VRC and RBUK)


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Repost from MTBR and RBUK...on the odd, off chance that any of my fellow Cogs are only here.


I'd been drooling over these for some time now thanks to you lot. And I am happy to report that I found one thanks to the glory of internet bike-geekery.

The Phoenix landed late yesterday afternoon after a life in the pacific North West. Many thanks to Lawrence for wrangling it and packing/shipping so well (and alerting me to it to begin with!).


1998 WTB Phoenix, 18", in a really awesome pistachio sage-y color
140mm rear, standard brakes, suspension corrected
Manitou R7 80mm
XTR m952-series BB, crankset, brakes, shifter/brake lever, SPDs
Thomson post and stem, Flite saddle
Koski titanium bar
King ti cages
DKG collar
Momentum headset
Gravy-built WTB Momentum Hubs on SpeedMaster rims
Velociraptor front, Panaracer Fire XC rear

Yesterday evening I unpacked and disassembled everything. Cleaned, de/re-greased, and rebuilt. This morning I really wanted to get a ride in, but didn't make it out until around 11am.

I headed up San Roque Road past the reservoir to the Jesusita trail. There are a ton of videos on YouTube if anyone is interested. It is a really fun multi-use trail with lots of twisty singletrack, large rocks and some roots, a couple stream crossings, and great dirt that's mostly shaded under a thick canopy or trees. The trail pops out onto a road


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And some back at home afterward:










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very nice story with beautiful pictures. ;)

Well we all love the old metal but sometimes make the modern parts more fun and more sense. The trails as San Roque Road just need more suspension, the combination of modern and old is very useful, especially on such trails.


Beautiful bike!
A WTB Phoenix has always been on my short list of bikes I'd love to own.
Curious how the Manitou Seven performed. I've considered getting one for my Ibis Mojo.


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Thanks guys.

If you ever get the chance to ride/buy one, take it. I was on the hunt for a while...

They are great riding bikes. Not as, oh... "exciting" as a Yo Eddy, but a very stable and comfy ride. My Yo Eddy has been my go-to bike for most off-roading since I sold the Salsa. I dig it and its nimbleness, but it does take a good degree of attention. For an all day ride I think I would likely pick the Phoenix. I wonder how the comparison would stack up rigid vs rigid, but as it stands, the Phoenix is a super well balanced, well mannered ride.

As for the fork, I have to say that I really liked the R7. Granted, I don't have a huge base of comparison on modern forks, but if felt very stout, and it was a super plush ride. Locked out there was no bobbing, and the adjuster was easy to manipulate from the bike. Like I mentioned, it was also nice to have a modern fork and a slightly more vintage v-brake option.