85 Fat Chance info? Signature on bb?


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Hey all,

I recently purchased this 1985 Fat Chance frame, serial # 85301, and a hodgepodge of parts installed on it, no fork though :( Im pretty sure that this is original paint. Its actually not in too bad of shape, no dents or rust (though I havent removed the BB yet).

Anyways, it has some peculiar numbers etched in the down tube and left chain stay. Also has a signature of some sort etched in the bb. Im curious to what you guys have to say about this. Any other info on how the bike was originally built would be greatly appreciated. Also, opinions on what I should do with it? Repaint and restore? build it up and ride it the way it is? single speed commuter? Thanks, fellaz!


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In response to your message, after reading the following posts and seeing the photos, I come to the same conclusion, that the owner scribed his name and SS number. I started at FCC in late 1986 and I can't remember anyone working there with the last name Berube.

Since the left rear brake mount is broken and needs replacing, I would suggest stripping, repairing, and restoring. I'm pretty sure that there are not that many 21" 1985 Fats still around so you could improve the value considerably. A good FCC unicrown fork to fit a 21 will be difficult, if not downright impossible to find though.

Good Luck