'93 Wicked Lite Build


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Hello All,

This is my first Fat Chance. Purchased locally from the original owner. The bike had been 'upgraded' over the years. I've stripped it down and the only original parts are frame, seatpost, crank & BB.

I recently purchased the WTB bars and WTB shifter perches. Everything else is stuff I've had from too many years of cycling (well, maybe not too many!).

I'm still hoping to swap out a few things, but hoping to stick with it in it's current state.

For those with experience with the WTB shifter perches. I find that I have very little room between the brake hood and the shifter. When I have my hands on the hoods, my thumb is either touching or extremely close to the top of the shifter cap. Is this usual? Or do I have the setup wrong?


PS - First post also. So excuse my fumbling w/ pictures, etc. :D


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I don't know the answer to your question, but welcome to the community! Got to love the wickeds.


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wicked lite

Smitty, regarding cable guides, the answer is "yes".
When the Wicked Lite came out (93?) they introduced top tube cable routing and a threaded bottom bracket (both of which were already on the Yo).