94 Titanium Fat Chance


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1994 titanium yo eddy claimed to Chris Chance’s personal bike. I was really hoping it was true. To have Chris Chance’s bike from that era would be very special. Unfortunately the seller did not have any written proof. Sent a pic of the bike with serial number to Fat Chance bikes with the strange request on confirmation. Who should respond but Chris himself. Unfortunately Chris did not bring good news, it is highly unlikely it was his as he rode medium bikes.

It is is still a nice bike at a reasonable price for the Ti Yo Eddy.


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Cash/ Local pick up only - I will not mail this item or take any other form of payment. Please text or call for best
results, I will check the email link once a day at most. Mike - Seven Six Zero 613- 59 Seven Zero. No voicemails if I don't answer just text thanks.

1" headset, tight/ fast frame, tight head and seat tube angles for tech riding - a real east coast 80s/90s MTB. Made in Mass in 1994, not the later Serotta made version. Double butted tubeset - the "butts" are visible on the tubes. Size S/M (I'm 5'10") Chris Chance's personal Ti bike - I purchased this as a demo from a dealer in Tucson in 1996 and confirmed that it was Chris's personal bike when I met him at Interbike the following year. It has the more classic Chance sticker set as they had not come up with the blue stickers yet. I rode in for about a year and put it away - pretty much been in the garage ever since. Replaced the grips and tires but other than that it as it was in the 1990s.

1" Chris King silver headset w/logos, Bontrager TI handlebar, XTR 175/ 46/36/24 cranks, XTR rear derail, Ultimate TI hubs and Ti Skewers, Mavic 217 hoops, IRC tires, custom wheelset with AL nipples in black/ red and DT revolution spokes. Judy SL with spring kit and aftermarket covers to replace the boots, Syncros post and stem, Avocet TI saddle, Some random goodies from Ultimate Machine. Race Face sealed bearing Cro Mo bottom bracket. XT rapidfire and V brakes. Frame and fork are set up for cantilevers if you are looking that way.

Frame in excellent shape with no damage or cracks - very well made bike.

Contact with questions, please be aware I will try to sell this locally for cash for a few months before I will be interested in mailing it. If you want me to mail it understand it will be more like 2,500. I understand that no matter what I do a bunch of guys will contact me about mailing it - understand I really want cash/local on this and will likely not change my mind unless I can't find a buyer.