Buck Shaver in team-violet?


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Hi to all FC - I am Michael and after a long search I found my 1st dreamie-fat - a nice little buck shaver in a nice color - frame is unbuilt and was used by the previous owner and original buyer as a wall-hanger in the living-room for the last years

Its ser' is 007B4M

My question is for the color - is THIS really team-violet or team-lavernder?

When I see all the other Fats in violet - I can see different shades of the color and yes, I know the blog with the different shades - but for me this is much too light?


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Correct color is a tough question since it is a custom blend. It looks close though. Great looking bike, ride it.


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Looks legit to me, especially in the picture of the wishbone. As you stated, lots of variety in team violet.


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I really like the color too. It is certainly an option if I ever repaint my '91.

That said, it might be hard to match it exactly, and it would also look really cool to have a contrasting stem and fork that matched each other.....like in pink/fuschia or white or yellow--tasty!


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I really like the color too. It is certainly an option if I ever repaint my '91.

That said, it might be hard to match it exactly, and it would also look really cool to have a contrasting stem and fork that matched each other.....like in pink/fuschia or white or yellow--tasty!

Exactly THATS me newest idea - thx!


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slow progress


did a few works on the buck - white industries BB with Ti-spindle - cook bros racing RSR in purple with Middleburn hardcoat rings (granny purple and still waiting for my purple cbr outer ring) - purple TEC cantis at the rear - purple Hope TiGlide hubs on 217s sunset rims - tange switchblade fork with black legs, black grove innovations stem and purple hyperlite with black ultimate levers, xc pro thumbies - purple king headset, syncros post black, black leather turbo saddle



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Micha, this looks very promising. Looking forward to the further progress of the project

regards Helmut


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Again a smal progress:


A few changes: NOS Middleburn RS1 in purple with Black/Purple/Black kooka chainrings and XC Pro preGG pedals - Moby purple - Avid TriAlign and TriDangles purple with AvidUltimateSD with black Levers and purple Bodies and Clamps - purple Grafton shifter clamps with M900 pods - White Industries Ti BB with black anod bearing-cups and purple anod axle-collars

Fork blades and grove hothead LVE will be painted in matchin frame-color




Cheers, Michael


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Great frame and very nice selection of parts. One concern is that collection of spacers in the headset, that height may leave the wedge pushing against threads. A safety no-no, a higher rise stem can get you in the right spot. Beats getting hurt.


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Hi chief miguel ;)

You wont think seriously, that the shown state is the final, wont You? ;) - an there are no spacers seen - its only stick together to get a preview

Like I wrote, the fork-blades and the grove hothead will be painted in matchin team-lavender. Off course it wont stay in this way, when finished to ride.

I have another steerer - made of Ti with the correct length - there wont be spacers or a higher stem - hothead will stack directly on the upper king cup-race


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Mea Culpa, I saw the pics on my phone (itty bitty) couldnt make it out. Bottom line, cool bike lots of nice parts there. Best of luck with it.


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Looks beautiful Michael!
After looking at the welds, I may have welded your entire frame. I actually did quite a few Bucks, even though I tended to let the others weld the main triangles most of the time. I could weld a Buck main triangle (BB, HT, and ST joints) in 17 minutes. I did most of the finish work on all of the frames (bridge tubes, pizootie tab, seat collar tabs, brake mounts and dropouts) that were built in Somerville from '87 until the closing in '94.
I had several highly skilled welders that were always good to work with. We strived to make our work look the same as much as possible.
I had the good fortune to make it to Freinsheim this past March to visit a large pump factorythat was starting to build boiler pumps for the company I was working fo at the time. Very nice country.
I see that you have some machine tools in your workshop. Do you have a welder?
Best of luck with the Buck


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@miguel - absolute no problem. Should not have sound like an offend - sometimes my bad english lets me look like a dick, sorry as it was so :)

Hi Scott,

wow - thats absolute generous and fantastic, when You meet the person that did Your bike :)

Nice to hear that and I love these nice weldings. Personally I learned toolmaker and engineering, but worked (in my short worklife - am disability-pensioner since 99 ;)) more with the milling and lathing-tools. Unfortunately I never learned welding - brazing yes, but welding only a few private attemlts on my (ex) old Commodore a/GS coupe ;)

I have a small universal mill and a lathe in my cave - no welder - doing small parts (repos and prototypes for my own needs) and repairs

I know that the Yo is more beloved and of better tubes than the Buck, but me loves the different details of the Buck more than the Yo - thats why (and why I got the luck to get a grove X) I will sell my Yo again, which I got freshly




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......I will sell my Yo again, which I got freshly.....

Micha, what a Yo? Have I missed something about? You know where you find me, if you want offer me your yo. I'm always interested in a Fat Chance ;)

Greetings from Frankfurt