Celebrating 30 Years of FAT! - Official Party by Chris Chance & Wendyll Behrend


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Yes it is Wendyll's farm. Hmm Would that be the falling apart structure behind Chris in this photo???

Haha yep!!! It was a very nice tree house when we went up. Our tent actually fit inside it!! I guess that was '98 or '97 not sure. Ended up being a 17 hour drive from Cincy. Man we had a great time that weekend!!!Looks as though you guys had a great time too!!!


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Right, I know it's a little late in the day but I have finally got my head round uploading my photos of the party.

My wife and I brought a couple of my bikes over, my owned from new 93 Wild Cherry Candy Yo, and my Blue and Yellow 95 second generation Shock a Billy. We combined the party with a weeks holiday in Boston and New Hampshire, finishing off with the party in Stowe.

We both had a fantastic time, and it was really good to meet up with everyone.

I have got a selection of shots from the weekend here so enjoy:-


A very early frame that Chris made and the head badge and stars on the forks are all hand cut silver. This frame went back to California with Chris so hopefully it will be back on the roads at some point.



The 83 bikes of Greg and Mickey, plus an 83 frame that Chris had


3 Team comps. At this point there was much talk of segmented forks....




A very nice pair of Cross bikes. As has been previously said, the Wild Cherry Candy one is NOS.


A very nice tandem


A bike that really caught my eye, a Beetle Juice Wicked lite



A couple of shots from the Saturday ride. One of Chris and the second is of Hardy, our expert guide for the weekend without whom we would not of experienced the local trails along with I think Marty of Geek Bikes fame.


A shot from the even wetter Sunday ride. I'm afraid I did not take as many ride shots as I had intended due to the prevailing conditions..........

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thanks for wishing me a happybirthday !!

dear fatcog members , on the 25th I got a email wishing me a happy birthday ,I had not visited this site in close to a year or more , I had just had one of the worst days in along time , many thanks for the bright spot on that day ....first class site in my humble opinion , thank you everyone ....looking forward to refreshing my love for vintage mtb , sincerly Anthony ...aka Tin machine


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Yup, an '86

The black 16" is my wife's, bought new as a frameset in 1986 to match the one I bought for myself in '85. I wanted to build it up with the same basic parts as mine, but I went with the black Deore XT parts because I thought they would look classier with the black frame. The bars are aluminum Bullmoose with an expander stem adapter. On mine, I silver brazed a tube into the fork crown and clamped the bars to that.

I was working at the Ski Rack in Burlington back then and we were a Fat Chance dealer. It was a huge upgrade from the Trek 850 that I had before I upgraded to the Fat. I do wish that I had sprung for the box crown fork, but money was tight in those days and that fork was really expensive. I have a mangled one that was left over from a Huffy Throw, and I may use it as a guide to build up a clone someday.

Steve Barner

Get well soon Tom....

Here are a few more photos. I had intended to take some additional shots today but the rain was relentless, unfortunately.

I think this was an '86, I loved the bars, blacked out 6206 crankset, and Tommaselli levers: