Chevy Chase 1988 Team Comp 21”

I just got done restoring this 1988 Team Comp that originally belonged to Chevy Chase. It’s speculated that he had a browning automatic transmission installed on the bike which required crimping the chain stay for clearance. That area had caused rust so I had the chains stay professionally repaired and the bike repainted in the original color. The serial number is B02008TC (FCC used letters in early 1988 to signify the month of build; B is for February). Also this was before FCC started using the GW Wilson dropouts on the Team Comps. The bike has an IRD seat post, white industries press in BB & mostly M730 deore XT otherwise; the brake calipers and hubs being in the less common black color. The brake levers are Magura.
For more photos check out the Instagram links below.


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