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Fat City products to support Fat Cogs


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Ok guys,

I've been working hard recently on getting some materials together to meet our Fat City restoration needs. My gameplan is that all products sold through this site will benefit Doug's tireless work to keep this site going by donating a portion of the proceeds to FAT COGS.

Here are the items that I'm looking at providing...

Original Fat City BB Collars...I've found a stock of NOS bb collars in anodized silver and anodized black. These were produced in the state of MASS. and will fit all the early FAT spindles. Cost will be $25.00 shipped to USA locations...a bit more for overseas.

Decals...Doug has been working on the Wicked series and I've completed the YO set. As soon as we can get them together I'll get them printed up. Per the previous polls, these will be a vinyl composition that can be cleared over or placed on top of powder. Here's the rub...in the interest of preserving the integrity of the Fat name, I would suggest only selling these to members who have registered their FAT serial number on the forum with pics to confirm ownership.

Reproduction Forks (YO and BOI)...the ornamental patent has expired on these and I feel comfortable offering them to Fat Cog members now. These will be custom built forks to bring that beautiful steed back to it's rigid state! Price wil be $275 for a single color powder or $325 for a custom wet color. I have enough of the original components to make quite a few. As I would have to squeeze these in between frame orders, there would be a bit of a wait.

Understand, I'm looking for positive affirmation from Doug that he would endorse this endeavour and imput from the forum on the items available or what else you would like to see offered. I'm hoping that we as a community can be of benefit to each other, helping each of us accomplish our respective dream builds.



bruce t

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Best news I've heard in a while!

It's great that you guys are getting this together! We definitely need a source for decals, and those lovely BB collars!

Thanks, bt

Yo Eddy!

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Hi Rody,

At the moment I do not need collar, decal or fork, but for those who do you offer a great solution. No more worrying on whether, were & at what cost to find the stuff you need. Your FAT ready to hit the trails again in a blink of the eye ;)


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I am in the market for forks and possible decals at the moment, so I am very interested. I have email you.


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Rody, would you be willing to respray my yo eddy fork? I need team lavender, is that possible? If so a rough idea of cost?
many thanks!


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I'm interested in decals right away, and forks after I save up a few $$ from all the recent bike related purchases...

So count me in!



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All right folks,

I've been kinda waiting to hear from Doug with his input but have not at this point. I'm going to go ahead and have a sample run of the YO artwork cut next week and I'll post some pics for your input.

As for the collars and forks, I've hit a few emails back to those interested...Bushpig, I'll email tomorrow (11-9-06).

The idea of Tee's has been brought up...would be cool to do a new FAT COGS for the current crop of enthusiasts.

Any other ideas of products you'd like to see, add it in...




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Fat Cog Jersey's would be awesome. I'd be down to throw in some design schemes to kick around.

Water Bottles?

yo' djblu

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WHEN CAN I GET THE SUICIDE GIRLS JERSY! Are they really going to produce them? AWESOME!!!!!! My wife would love to get her hands on one as well. BRAVO!