FAT COGS tee- or piquet shirts


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I'm currently out travelling with work and can probably not deal with the shirts the next 10-12 days.

Please comment on wanted colors. It will definitly not be white, as mine will always look dirty. :)

Also, we must choose one equal color for all.




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This project can now move on as my buddy in the clothing business is back from his trip.

I'll get back with details this weekend or monday.


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Numbers and stuff! T-shirt info...

Okay, folks, time to continue this project. I recently became a father to a little girl (May 21st) and have'nt had time to do anything these last weeks.

Prices on Piquets are as follows:

- Embroidering card for embroidering machine $169/pcs (two logos $338)
- Purchase pice pr. piece $22
- Embroidering pr. piece $4,5

This gives a total price of $34 (plus shipping of approx $10)

The embroidering card is electronic and will be our (read Dougs) property, so it could be sent by e-mail to other clothing factorys and embroiders trough out. It's also possible to make caps, beanies, ear mufs, jackets, shirts etc., and as the embroidering card is already made this will be less expencive.

Quality, colors and sizes:

- 200grams/m2 is a nice and heavy quality that lasts for years
- Marine blue, black, grey, green, red
- Sizes are large, but as piquets are 100% cotton hey will shrink when thumble dry

I'm 173cm and 80kg, so not thin, use size medium. All you tall people will need large/x-large. I'll try and get official size chart before a potential order.

As the FAT COGS logos are black and yellow with pink and green Eddy scull, I think the grey will be best suited, but blue and black could also work.

If you still want the Team purple/Milky way color it is possible but will increase the price. Let me know your thoghts.

The shirts come in 5 pcs batches so the colors and size orders must be adapted such.

Also, could some of you please help me count, as quality assurance anyway, so a potential order will be as correct as possible.

So far, so good eh? :cool:


(Reservation on exchange rate swinging. 1USD=6.55NOK at the time.)


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Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

I'm still good for two shirts. Let's get a vote on shirt color. I like gray, black and Team purple.


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I'm cool with gray & black. I'm in for one of each color, in medium depending on the fit. I'll make the final decision when the sizing chart is posted.....:p


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..for the slow processing on this. I've had hands full on work, home building projects and baby girl.

Is the Giordana repro lycra top an option people want?