Fatcogs Southern Fried


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I have started a "Social Group" for members of Fatcogs that are located in the Southeast, USA. Click on "Community" above and join up if you want. :p

This is a group for Fatcoggers that are located in the sweet south (Southeast, USA). There are a lot of Fatcog members located in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and all parts of Dixie in between. Trying to get a group together for a possible ride / gathering centered around getting out on the lovely southern singletrack!

Doug Carter

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To access any Group here on FatCogs.com, head to the "Community" link up in the top nav bar, then to "Social Group." Tony's group is found in there...



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Nice Idea

I see several people in the forums from NC. If my Yo ever gets fixed, I will meet up for a family reunion.