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Non Fat content, mostly... I'm planning on a big move with my wife to the south in the next few months, and much of my cycling stuff is being sold off (I don't want to move any of the extra stuff). I'm keeping my Wicked, but I'm currently searching for a road bike. I am selling/trading my pretty fillet brazed GT Psyclone (Team Scream) in hopes of getting back on the road.

Does anyone know of or is selling a 54mm road bike? I may trade the Psyclone for the right road bike, if something should come along...

Eye candy: (it currently sits with a Syncros post, Flite perf Ti saddle, Answer Hyperlite bar and a red Ringle stem, all NOS)


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A Psyclone...I always wanted one of them...but had to settle for a Xizang because the NZ importer just couldnt get me one. If you move further south ( like to New Zealand! ) Ill swap you my 53cm Eddy Merckx steel frame or a ti GT Edge ( or Force cant remember ). That is a beautiful ( for a GT ) frame!