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I've been building frames for friends and acquaintances for about two years now, and I thought this would be a good place to show off some of my work. That being said, these aren't retro and don't quite fit on this site, but as fellow Fat Coggers, I thought you all might enjoy the old school flair I put into my design and paint. The Yo Eddy has been a driving force behind cycling in my life, and I aim to make my bikes as nimble and responsive as Chris and the gang did for decades.
Here are two I finished in the summer, an all terrain tourer, and a 29+ mountain bike that can be fitted with 26" x 4" tires for those harsh Montana winters.
I'll be putting up a website in the next few months, and moving my operation down to Birmingham AL before xmas, so maybe some of you southerners (cough fat-tony cough) will finally have someone to replace all those rusted out seattubes ;)


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