First post, first Fat! (Campy needed)


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After years of collecting old Italian racers (back to 1919!) I finally turned my attention to mountain bikes I lusted after as a kid. I'm proud to say that as of today I am the proud owner of a 1990 Yo Eddy! 19" in Kandy Wild Cherry (is that right?). Original paint and decals! Fair price!

Like most things I do, it'll go with an Italian theme. Crazy to think, but this whole project started with a Campy Record OR crank which is the last remaining part from the third nice mtb I ever had back in the day, a Litespeed.

I just won a bunch of parts on eBay, awaiting final negotiations for their arrival from merry old England. That said, I'd sure be grateful if anyone has the odd Campy Record OR era component they'd be willing to part with. So far, I have the crank, shifters, hubs, cassette, q/r and possibly brakes. Would be interested in brakeset, rims, chain (Rohloff?), seatpost. Would also take suggestions on bar and stem. I was a big fan of Interloc back when there was still a little mystery in these things and an Iowa teenager wondered about strange names he read in the Cambria mail order ads in MBR!

So, after 20 years peddling aluminum (yeah, I worked for Cannondale for a LONG time), I'm finally getting the mountain bike I always wanted!



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Nice looking frame and importantly matching segmented forks but looks more like a L/XL in size for a non sus corrected 1990. Looking forward to the Italian themed build :beer:
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Campy and Cooks on mine...

Campy shifters, levers, cantis on there too


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Wow that's a beaut'! Ive been eyeing that thing on eBay for months but haven't had the funds. Im glad it went to a fellow FatCog. Keep posting pics! :beer::beer:


campy 29.4

I have a nos campy 29.4 mtb post. Willing to trade or sell outright. Pm me if interested