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really struggling to get the right fork for the bike in front. It should be an early SID. I can't get one with a decent steerer tube. (217 mm +) the frame is a ML with a long headtube. I had a spare Judy XC knocking around and test fitted that. It's an early Judy with I think circa 63mm travel. I reckon it's too short for this frame. Is there a way to get the Judy up to 80mm? kits etc. What is the correct axle>crown length fork for this frame please. Might go down the ingleheart route again.
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I have used a Magura Durin SL 80 with A-C 440mm, so around 425mm with sag. Its fitted with a Morati rigid Ti 425mm A-C now and rides amazingly, perfect for that frame geometry. Mine is a 97 NY built frame.

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I've got a '98 Ti with the original BOI, it measures 425mm A-C. These were designed for the early Sids which had 63mm (2.5") of travel.

Hope this helps.
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The Judy is about 425mm unloaded. The fork is mint, however the damper is shot.
I've loaded up both stacks with hard rubbers and the plastic insert jobbies. Fork isn't likely to budge at all. Pretty much like when it was fresh out of the box really ;-)
This bike only going to see garage duties as its to big for me.
If it fits 'period' I'll keep it on. Wiki states Judy(28mm legs) ran from 95 through 2001.
What do you think?


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If i didnt already have one in that size, M\L, i’d snap yours up in a heartbeat. Such a joy to ride. No wonder Chris Chance rides a 97 Ti too. If its too big best to sell it on and let another Fatcog enjoy it. Share the love :beer::beer: