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Frame Decals


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Firstly it's great to have stumbled across this site with so many "Fat" enthusiasts!

I've had my Yo Eddy for years now and it is still the best riding bike ever. It continues to amaze me with it's responsivnes and "point and shoot" handling. It really is a true dream bike.

Alas though the paint work is starting to show some signs of wear and tear thanks to the wonderfully wet weather here in the UK. So it's off to the paint shop for a loving respray which is why I'm posting this. Does anyone out there know where I can get hold of Decals for Fat Chance bikes? My only hope at the moment is a local sign writer who may be able to help as long as I can supply the art work.

If anyone out there knows of anywhere that I can get these decals please let me know.



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This was posted the other day by a fellow FatCog'r, sounds like he used to work for Fat City at some point. Hope it helps...

BTW - The first time I visited this sight was yesterday. I noticed that folks are looking for decals and while some have had success with Wendyll others have not. As an FYI...before we closed I sent one or two of most of the decal sets to:

Ronny Lindsey @ Airglow Painting in Georgia.
(706) 678-4569

I know Ronny replicated them on his computer and is able to print them out for repaints.


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Straight from Airglow...

We have numerous suppliers at shops, distributors, and manufacturers. In addition to OEM supply, we create our own decals for custom work, including impossible-to-find vintage and out-of-print decals. What we don't have in stock we either have on file, or we can create new ones for your frame. For many bikes, we have pre-assembled kits including all decals from a particular year model.
[size=-1]Due to an increased time demand and the difficulty of creating or locating custom decals, we can no longer sell decal sets alone. Decals are only available to clients having their frames painted with Airglow.
[size=-1]Too Bad,[/size]


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Airglow Painting

I have had a couple of Fats repainted by Ronnie at Airglow.

For a Monster I supplied the decals and they applied.

For a Wicked, they made vinyl decals for me. As they are vinyl, they are noticably thicker so they do not look exactly original but they can have clear coat applied over them.

Nice folks overall.



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That's funny because I had heard a rumor recently that they weren't painting frames at all anymore. I guess I heard wrong.


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What you heard about Airglow may indeed be true as I can no longer find their website.

I believe that I had my bikes painted in 2000.