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FS: 1992 Wicked Fat Chance frame and fork


1992 Wicked Fat Chance frame and fork for sale

color is yellow, bike is set for canti brakes.

specs as follows
19 inch ctt seat tube
17.5 inch chain stays
23 inch ctc top tube

The original paint and decals show normal wear. Their were a few minor chips that were touched up to keep from rusting. Other than that no dents.

$375 plus shipping!

Pictures will be availbe in a few days.


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MN Fats

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wicked chance

I am very interested in your frame. I unfortunatly would not be able to purchase it until after christmas( gifts for others. ). if this is a possiblity let me know. My e-mail address is joefurth@hotmail.com.



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Wickeds were sized by the inch. So it's just a 19" plain and simple. It has longer chainstays and a shorter top tube compared to the yo and monster/buck shaver lines.


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lucifer said:
Wickeds were sized by the inch. So it's just a 19" plain and simple. It has longer chainstays and a shorter top tube compared to the yo and monster/buck shaver lines.

Plus the original Fat City Wicked unicrown fork was designed to be evenly compliant the whole length of the fork, instead of all the flex being at the tips or near the crown. I personally think they rode much nocer than the Big One Inch forks myself.


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Nice turnaround...too bad none of the Fatcogs board members took advantage of the original price :confused:




I picked up that frame a month ago on ebay for $300 with a king headset. I wasn't planning on flipping the wicked, but I picked up that slim a week later on ebay and that became the new project. I made about $125 plus a king HS, that will go twards a new paint job on the slim.


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Unfortunately (for me) I'd just bought a scruffy Wicked which so far has been bead blasted and resprayed.
Still waiting for the decals to arrive from Wendyll even though she said that she would post them on the 8th of last month! I've been emailing her once a week but no response at all from her so far!
I'd have bought this one it had it been an inch shorter and it cropped up earlier.
Kokies, what did you pay for your Slim? Was it a full bike or just the frame? I'm just trying to get an idea of the going rate for a Slim (frame).



I paid $850 shipped, for the frame built with ultegra 9spd, cane creek wheels, king HS and campy record profit pedals. I sold the pedals for $100, some duraace skewers that were on it for $25. I swapped all of the parts over to a steel lemond zurich which i had gotten free a few years back. I am trying to sell that now for around $700. The groupo on the bike now was free. I help a friend get a smoking deal on a new ultegra 10spd group and ksyrium wheels, so he gave me the old stuff. The only thing left is wheels which I just picked up. But now I am thinking of switching it to campy 10spd record so all parts can swap between both my road bikes, mainly sp I can run my carbon wheels on both bikes.

It all sounds great, but the frame came in with a healthy dent, the rear wheels adjustment screws broke off in the frame when I was re-building it. So come summer I may get it all fixed up, seeing how I didn


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Thanks for the price comparison. I'm trying to find out roughly what they are going for as I have the chance of buying one. I don't mind paying what it's worth, I just don't want to pay over the odds that's all. I get the feeling that the seller may have paid too much for it in the first place and so is asking too high a price to sell it on, but hey! What do I know!

Another lovely bike you have there by the way!