Help ID'ing Fat + Color Options


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for help identifying the year and model of the fat in the pic. I *think* its an '88 or '89 but would welcome any insight on what exactly it is. Comes with the original bars and some of the original parts (stem and seat are definitely not original).

I'm thinking of buying this online and considering a repaint as well. Does anyone know where I can a list of original paint options, original paint codes, etc. that Fat used? I've read that they used Imron codes but I'm interested in ID'ing a color that was originally used by Fat. I looked at the '88 catalog and it only lists black and blue.

Finally, anyone have a guess on the frame size? The standover is 31.25" at the top of the top tube (center of the frame). Thank you everyone!!


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That is a 21" Fat Chance (not a Wicked). The serial number is stamped on the bottom side of the bottom bracket. If it is an '88 or '89, the first two digits of the SN will be just that 88 or 89. I forget exactly when we changed the SN format, may have been '90 or '89. Pretty sure '88 had the same format as '87. My 1987 Wicked has 87777 for a serial number. The 87 designates the year and 777 was the 777th frame that we manufactured that year. Later, we changed the format and divided the number of frames manufactured by specific model.

The standard black and blue were powder coat colors. Custom colors were dupont imron sprayed over the powder coat after it was sanded. It was easier in those years to use the powder coat as a primer for custom colors. Team Comps were not powder coated. Those were special frames that were sandblasted and painted in house for those years.

Later on, we stopped powder coating altogether and built a better blast cabinet and painted all frames and forks in house. I don't know any of the paint codes, I spent my time in the welding booth.

Good luck