Help With Fat Chance Frame Valuation


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Hey everyone! So unfortunately I was involved in an accident while riding my Fat Chance. I am ok, just some scratches and soreness, but my bike is far from ok. I was hoping to determine the rough value of the Fat Chance frame I have, as I'd like to be reimbursed accurately for such a nice frame. I believe it is a team comp from the brief conversation I had with a guy from the Fat Chance website. I believe the serial number is 0779TC, at least thats what it says on the bottom of the frame where it connects to the pedals. I have included some pictures, any information that may help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much and have a great day!!


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Ouch. That not good.
You can probably get a builder with some time to replace those buckled main tubes.
Otherwise, the GP Wilson dropouts are worth salvaging and grinding clean.


The frame is worth $500-$600.

...and that's a write-off.

Keep everything except the bare frame (seat collar, bottom bracket spindle, seat post, FRONT FORK, etc.) if you have to hand it over to an insurance company. Do not let them take it all! If the fork has GP Wilson drop outs too, it's rare and someone here will pay you a couple of hundred for it.