How to stick on decals?


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I have the original decals for a '93 TiFat and would like to apply them. How is this best done? I do not want to damage them.



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Yo Spikes,
Clean the area where the decal will be applied thoroughly with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. Get a pen or something plastic and cylindrical to act as a burnishing tool. Peel the decal from the backing and carefully lay it out so just the center of the decal is touching along the tube Be careful laying it out before actually touching it down. Wear latex gloves if you have some so you wont get fingerprints on the adhesive and have them show through (been there, done that). Once you have the decal postioned so just the center is touching, proceed to rub the decal with the tool working from the center out toward each side until the entire decal is adhered to the frame. Rub parallel with the lettering. If you do this carefully, you wont get any air bubbles under the decal. You dont have to apply a lot of pressure.
Good Luck and let me know how it comes out.
Scott Bengtson


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Thanks to your great help, I managed to stick on the decals and the result is great. Here is what I did:

- clean the frame surface with acetone (do not use on paint!) This will dissolve traced of dirt
- dry the surface with a paper towel
- clean the surface with rubbing alcohol (isopropylalcohol) and dry the surface with a microfiber cloth that is used for glasses. This will also dissolve dirt and degrease, but doesn't leave traces like acetone.
- stick two strips of scotchtape magic on the long sides of the decal.
- firmly press on the decal, starting in the middle, pressing it on towards the edges, where the scotchtape keeps it in place
- press the decal further on with a piece of paper towel
- rub the decal on with a wooded dowel or spatula, paying extra attention to the edges
- keep rubbing with the wooden spatula or dowel, but be careful not to damage the backing
- afer five minutes of carefull rubbing: remove the scotchtape on an edge and peel of the backing very carefully
- if the decal is on the frame, continue removing the backing
- if the decal is still on the backing, press the decal back into place and continue rubbing the edges
- when the decal is in place and the backing removed, softly press othe decal with a microfiber cloth

Secret of success: patience. Eventually the decal will let go of the backing and stick to your frame. It may help to gently heat the frame prior to sticking the decal on with a hair dryer.

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