I'm keeping this one


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I saw this bike about a year ago in a LBS. It was left for an estimate on repairs. The LBS recommended the owner trash it and get a new one. I got the owner's contact details and offered to pay a fair price, or trade a rideable bike for it. Needless to say, the FC owner was too attached to consider parting with it, but he didn't want to sink considerable money into it either. That was the very same week I picked up Shamus' TC for $20 -- I very nearly scored two Fats within a couple of days. That bike has been in the back of my mind ever since.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I made an offer on a klunker to use for the winter. When that deal fell through I thought I'd dig out the email for the guy with the Fat. I reached out and asked if he'd done anything with the bike and if not, would he consider selling to me.

"i'm ready" he said, "yours for a hundred bucks"...

Dave, the original owner is 69. He used to own a running store here and occasionally dabbled in bikes. He went down to Somerville and purchased several Fats which he brought back for some friends and customers. He told me he bought this directly from Chris Chance, and also went riding with some of the Fat City crew. He related these details with great fondness... "crazy hippies, but the good kind" I believe were his exact words.

SN 85375, so I assume an '85 Kicker?


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So you have a Gary Helfrich-welded kicker! It's the standard Fat Chance geometry - 69-degree head angle. Love the bullmoose handlebar and it still has the Magura brake levers!

Standard-issue red powdercoat is extra durable as you can tell. She doesn't look too bad for a 32 year old.

Enjoy it, I would say you got a good deal. Not sure how many they produced in '85. I started there in late '86 and replaced Gary when he started Kestrel (later Merlin) Metalworks (across the courtyard from us). Probably no more than 600 frames made in '85 would be my guess.

Good karma on this one for you being a stand-up guy on the stolen Team Comp.

Best of luck


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Tear-down in progress... interested in recommendations on colour scheme for refinishing. My first thought is same colours in powder. Might powder coat the bars also. Alternatively, thinking of replacing the bars with Nitto b901 if I could find them. I need some appropriate wheels, then everything else will stay on the bike. Really looking forward to riding the heck out of this.


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Did you decide? Powder? Paint?

I had a blast at NAHBS this weekend helping my friends who were in the Hot Tubes booth (they have been painting while Toby focuses on the Jr. team) - they could totally do this thing up proper for you!

Also would be great in powder though too - I had mine re-powdered and I describe it as 'taking it down to bare metal, inspecting and adoring the craftsmanship, and then sealing in the structural integrity and shredability for another 25-30 years!'


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holding pattern for now... I have some other winter-rider projects on the go now, and will continue to consider options for the FC.