Just ordered the Yo Eddy 2.2!


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New to the forums and to Fat Chance, was a huge fan back in the day, but never pulled the trigger.

Ordered the Yo Eddy 2.2 Lavender XL and spoke with Chris last week discussing options for the frame. Really nice people and they've answered all my questions and followed up quickly.

I'm going with a full bike build with them and want to go 100% made in USA, but I think it's going to be a bit of challenge on some drive train parts. Kellen just sent on a white industries crank that I'm really liking the look of.

I'm still thinking thru 29 or 27.5+. I ride in the Northeast where its a lot of twisty single-track, but I'm also a big guy that likes the big wheels, 6'4 250.

Any thoughts on keeping it 100% USA?



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No thoughts on a full USA build but you will have a hell of a bike, which is built perfectly for that terrain. Thats why their geometry and telepathic handling is so legendary. Enjoy it and I look forward to the pics when its ready. :beer::beer:


Tough with derailleurs and tires. Gevenalle is as close to a small American company as you're going to find - and are a great group of people. You'll need the Microshift shifters or a Microshift thumbies mount from Paul to make that work, but those parts are still Asian-made.

I don't have any Shimano on any of my bikes anymore (nothing against them); for me that has meant Campagnolo, Gevenalle and Paul stuff.


congrats you will love it. we are close to the same size i'm 6'4 230(was 240). Get a 27.5 with a + it's essentially the same effective dia as a 29r depending on rim and tire variables. IMHO a regular 27.5 will corner better than the 29. Go with a dropper, loose the front derail and get xt 1x11 or x01 eagle. go with a 130mm pike. I guess you could go with whatever crank on a 1x. I hate mismatching drivetrains though, KISS. Hubs i would recommend DTSwiss. All the alum shells like king and WI are too soft, at least get the steel driveshell if you do.

IMHO i would get the fork and stem match painted before i worried about 100% USA

sounds like i should get another bike for myself :eek::eek:

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Appreciate the thoughts, I'm probably going to end up with the drivetrain being 1x XT. While my road bike is full campy, and I love it, I just need something that works well in the dirt and XT does shine there.

I am going to go 27.5+, agree that it will be just that much better cornering on tight tracks.

Interesting on the King Hubs, as I'm headed that way, will talk to them about something stiffer.

Can't do the dropper, just can't. :)