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I recently found a large Fat 10th Anniversary and am in the process of procuring it. It's coming from the original owner who claims it was one of the last 10ths built (S/N book confirms this) and apparently Chris built him and his buddy two (after lengthy discussions) and only did so by using a Yo Eddy down tube to reduce fears that the OX3 tubing wasn't strong enough for a large frame like that. This bike, although it has S/N on the BB doesn't carry a number on the badge (has a badge, but no number is stamped), while apparently the other bike did.

Curious if any ex-FC guys on here have any recollection of the 10th builds and can provide any comments on the history/story??

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Cool Bike!
Honestly don't remember all of the details but the story seems to be pretty solid. I think he originally only wanted to go up to ML on the sizes.

I would not have been a part of any conversations regarding building the larges, that would have been Chris' deal.

Almost certain that I would have welded them since I did nearly all of the 10ths. I say nearly since I cannot accurately recall actually doing all of them. Dave Blakeney and Sue Kirby could have welded a couple of frames or more likely welded some subassemblies. Patrick probably welded the forks. He did quite a few of the Yo forks. I really didn't weld too many forks through the years.

Nice find, take good care of it

Hope everyone is healthy in these crazy times


Thanks for the reply. The only thing I see noted in the serial book next to these bikes is the date of 2/1/93 and the initials WB. The serial number for this bike is 001A3L, not sure how that plays with the build date?

I liked the 90 Yo I had, it was a solid go to for everything. But, I just didn't love it more than some other bikes which is why I sold it. I've been itching to try a later model year Yo and this 10th is a part of the way there.

The thing I want above all is a Large Ti. Looks like there were around a dozen made in 93 so that's a good sign. I'll take a 94 if I find one, but haven't seen one yet. I have the fork standing by though.