Looking for new bottom bracket for my Wicked


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A bit of help needed....

I managed to get hold of a black Wicked frame (# 13099W) with siezed in and worn press fit bearings. Soaked and removed, these are marked on the red seals NTN s00228lu and there is a retaining c-clip on each side of the BB shell and the shell itself seems to be only 63mm wide which seems bizarre.

I know this topic has been covered in older threads but wondered if there are any UK specific up to date options for replacing the BB without spending a fortune.

I am really excited to build up my first Fat Chance and may start selling other bikes and bits to finance.

Thanks for your eyes and minds!



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Thanks for this!

Very useful but do you know:

-if the internal diameter suits the original spindle which i have

-do i also need to source or fabricate the locking collars that prevent the axle drifting left or right when riding.



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It should do. I bought bearings from that seller and had no issues. Type 'Axle locking collar' into ebay search and plenty of results pop up. Plenty of threads on making or modifying them. :beer: