mid atlantic fat


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Midatlantic Gtg - East Coast Represent !!!!!

Looking to setup a ride/show'n'go in midatlantic region this summer. Represent where your fat came from. any takers ?
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get together

fatf**knchance said:
Anybody !!!!!

Although I would really appreciate being at a Fat get together, the timing is off for me this summer. Too many other commitments right now.



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FAT Get Together

There will be a lot of Fats at the First Flight Bikes get-together in August.

It's in North Carolina, that counts as Mid-Atlantic, doesn't it?


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Oh Yes!!!!!

What lucky timing. I logged in to FC to see what's up and lo lo lo! a mid atlantic ride.

Now I really want to get my Yo built up again soon!!! Thanks for the inspiration guys!!!

Please keep me in mind when you get rides together as I am a boston transplant just itching to learn the trails in the midatlantic.

i'll touch base again soon when I have her built up again!!