Minty fresh YO EDDY 94!


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This is my finished 94 YO... After a long spell without it i decided to pick up some fresh decals off Rody & have the frame repaired proffesionally..I sent it to ROCK LOBSTER in SANTA CRUZ for the seat-tube transplant..The repair is faultless & Paul sadoff used the same tube diameter & replaced all the original seat-tube parts including the roller mount at bottom and the clamp attachment at the top..Next fresh paint and Rodys awesome decals...A lot of the parts are from the original build but i threw in some rare new finds..All i have to do now is ride it and get them awesome memories flooding back. A massive thanks to ROCK LOBSTER and also Rody for reproducing the great decals.


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Hey Slimjoe:
That's a nice looking Yo there. What is story on the frame color? Did you just pick it out or what? I like it and it looks good with the purple/pink and black in the decals. Very minty fresh.


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Sim J,

that bike looks unreal. really like the color.

all of these builds are putting the pressure on me. i have Yo and Wicked build coming up, hopefully i can keep up with you and Fat Tony over there.



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sssshhhh... wonderfull. i love the silver cable hanger, the matching ringle bits( aquilled zooka).. the color. the decals. and it's my size.. a S/M!


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Minty YO!

Hey people, thanks for the nice things youve said about the YO....
I really dig the colour but didnt know if youd all approve..
Wanted to keep a real early 90's feel with it and i had all the purple stuff collected up..
My first colour choice was going to be a 10th anniversary style silver/purple fade..
BUT i spotted this colour on the ROCK LOBSTER site on a lugged road frame! POW really knocked the s**t outa me ....And i knew it would go with the YO decals id picked up..
Took my 1st ride on it last night & it is so sweet....Even them old GRAVITY RESEARCH canti/levers pull ya to a stop! Hopefully itll inspire some more of you to pull out all the stops and do something a bit wacky and alternative and get them YO'S & other FATS restored to their old and fabulous glory...This project took a while & some saving for but hell, its worth it!!! P.s over here in the U.K. there was a candy bar years ago in the 80's called a refresher & it shared the same colour scheme as this YO!!

bruce t

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Nice build, nice bike. That color's pretty durn close to Bianchi's Celeste green, that was on all their racers for years, and still a favorite of mine.

Gravity Research, ehh? I was wondering what those levers were....

Cheers, bt