need info on reproduction box crown and/or BOI forks


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Hey guys. Well, the bug has officially bitten me and now that I have my 1989 Wicked, I know the quiver is only going to grow bigger in time. While I do really want to find a clean Yo Eddy, right now I'm looking to find a source for someone that can help me swap out my unicrown fork.

I've searched the forum for info on reproduction forks and have seen that some of you have had them made. While I really would like a box crown fork to keep the bike looking "period correct", as you guys say, I really like the way the BOI forks look. I used to have a suspension corrected fork from Spooky Cycles that looked just like it and I really love that look. One question on that though, would the geometry of the BOI work well on an old Wicked??

Also, Could someone let me know who I need to contact from the old days of Fat that can build one for me? I haven't seen that the box crowns can be remade but info on either would be helpful. Also, anyone who has purchased one, about how much money would it set me back?

Thanks everyone for your time and help. I feel like I'm flooding the board but I am still new to the game and your insight has been awesome.

- Matt


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There are quite a few fork guys....

but the one the made alot of the originals (Chris Igleheart) is in biz

I have one, it's on the last post I made on a red wicked

here is his info

I did not commission the one this bike, another member did...(rmp)

I think they are pricey ($375 to 400) well worth it for a YO, but maybe not for a wicked. I will tell you the custom one made for my wicked with proper rake is fantastic.

The rake is different. YO 1.5 inches, Wicked 1.75. I had a YO fork on a Wicked, it looked great, I wasn't a fan of the way it handled. (there are a few pix of that I have posted with a teal wicked frame)

I have heard that others on the site have done the same and liked the way their bikes handled...(to each their own)


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Another option, and what I did for my Wicked, was a fillet brazed fork from Tom Teesdale. Looks and rides great but it only took a couple months and only cost $185 or so.

Personally, I like the look of that style on a Wicked more than a having a Yo/BOI.


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I think your 1989 Wicked needs a fork like that


(pic is from groovy cycle)

and not a YO or BOI fork ;) can also ask this mate ->


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Side Note

From what I have heard, Chris Iglehart has move shop and will be now working for Chris Kings Brand Cielo. So not sure if he will still be making forks or not... It might be a rumor ??? but thats what I've heard.


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And I don't think Rody at Groovy is handling Fat forks and repairs any more due to his other work load, but you may want to send him a PM.


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i really do like the BOI fork look but the more I think about it and like you guys suggest, the more I realize a box crown fork should be on there. My guess is they don't come around very often?

I found a guy selling a wicked frame with a white box crown fork for a reasonable price so if I hear back on it, I may just buy it and sell the frame, I don't know.

$400 doesn't seem too terribly bad for a custom fork but maybe I should hold onto that money to buy one if I run into a Yo in the future.

tvcreative: your bike is what i saw that made me even contemplate the idea. it honestly looks really nice and aggressive on there.


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I found a guy selling a wicked frame with a white box crown fork for a reasonable price so if I hear back on it, I may just buy it and sell the frame, I don't know.

If that's the one from Colorado it's long gone; a friend of mine picked it up for his collection & showed me that white box crown a couple weeks back.


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well... your bike looks perfect. Go for a Yo Eddy frame w/ the Yo Eddy fork(the BOI is susp corrected and mates well w/ 93/94 Yos) instead.
In case you really want to swap that wicked fork i would suggest a few alternatives; Steve Potts makes the nec plus ultra of rigid forks, a P2.
custom Igleheart or Groovy which is inspired by the box crown.
Old Bontrager rigid forks w/the right 1.75 rake.
I like the specialized double butted unicrown.. a lot.
Had a Vicious cycles fork on my wicked but it was tall, rake was 1.5 and i never liked the handling it created. YMMV.

The original box crown has gussets which won't let you use big front tires.


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Hey Michael, if you have a lead on something, I would definitely be interested in knowing what someone is looking for money wise for a box crown. If you could send me a PM if/when you figure something out, I would appreciate it.