Needed Spring Tension Plates 1991 Fat Yo Eddy


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Looking for some spring tension plates for my Fat Yo 1991 build. The are missing from the Canti's. Thanks, Teresa. Pics attached.fat_chance_groovy.jpg


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They were stainless plates that were lazer cut.they had 3 holes to index and tension the canti's. that might be a tuff find, Rody ? he might be able to help with that. or ted wojcik?


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Gotcha---"missing from the canti's" made me think they were missing a part of the brakes themselves, not the plate at the base of the bosses.


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paragon sells them....those stainless babies, you may have to dremel it to get it to nest properly.

the stud is another story, as I found out ACME thread...don't ever break or lose em, good as gold.