New Fat fan looking for advice on size, frame preference


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Hi, I'm getting more and more interested in a Fat purchase after 15 years of hardtails. I've owned several "cult" bikes - 2 Bontrager Racelites, an Ibis Mojo and 2 Ibis Alibis, one of which is my current ride, which by the way is a great bike. My question is what size and which frame? I can't seem to find frame dimensions anywhere on the web. My current Alibi fits perfectly, their medium, 71/73, 23" tt. I'm not sure if I need a Fat M or M/L, I'm 5'11", 32" inseam. I'm even considering going rigid (!). My rides are mostly these days asphalt with the kids and relatively tame singletrack/fire roads. Is it a Yo or will I be happy enough with a Buck if the M fits me? Sorry for the wordiness but it seems Fat people are this obssessive about their bikes. Thanks.

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aloah clubted

chk this for frame specs

about which model...well...the yo is THE single-track frame to go :)
buckshaver n monster aren t as light buy also great rides.

many ppl like also the wicked cause it s more stable at high-speed.

well, i guess u will get more replys soon ;)

happy trails

e.p.s: ...nice stuff u got already, i never ridden a ibis but know some bontragers. i would say the yo is the closest of the fat-family to them.


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I've ridden both M & ML fat tis & Yos. For your height I'd say the ML. However if you dont need the stretch & want a relazed more upright position then go for a Med. (germany) has had a few bargain Yo eddys sell fairly low recently!



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Based on your height and inseam (same as mine), the M/L Yo Eddy is what I rode and am again looking for. You also might consider a Wicked Lite, which would be an 18" frame size.

Good luck and welcome,



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What size Race Lite did you ride? I ride a Large (17") Race Lite and it fits very similar to a Fat ML. The geometry is different, but if you're comfy on a large Bonty, the ML will work well.


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you could go w/ the medium. it will fit slightly tighter than the mojo mostly because the head tubes on fats are shorter.
wheelbase on a medium yo will be the same as on a medium mojo: 41.5.
i follow the rule: slightly larger fit w/ road bikes and slightly shorter w/mtbs.

on the wicked you would fit a 19.5. for the riding you are planning, the wicked is perfect. it's an all around bike w/ a roadish, comfy tubeset but it's geometry handles wood trails like magic.
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