On the Fence, but still adding Brake Levers!

So, I haven't been riding for the past couple years since having back surgery. I've been busy getting over the fact that I'm getting older too. lol. But, my yo eddy is my pride and joy. It's a piece of art that is tough as nails. So I search, I look, I ponder, I read all that I can and keep tabs on this very hobby like many of you.

So, recently I came across a group out of Canada that reproduced a set of brake levers just like the Paul brand. So, I gave it a try at $67 US shipping included in Rasta colors. To my surprise...it is beautiful and perfect. It matches everything else I have now and I am 80% complete (missing paul front derailleur). Check these guys out....



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Niiiice :cool: I went all in on a complete set of Avid Arch Supremes and Ultimate levers recently....so I'm gonna just drool over these exotic beauties for a while at least. My next bike is ano free.
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I didn't realize Precision Billet was still in business - is this the original company?. I've been running their levers and v-brakes on my Yo since the late '90s.