Salsa Roller Stem - What are they worth?


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Any thoughts on what a 1" quill Salsa roller stem goes for these days? There is one on eBay I want to make an offer on, has some rust, but I could clean it up and use it on a build I am in the middle of.
$300 for a mint one in the ‘right’ rise and length and but often much less if you are built like an Orang or T Rex.


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I would say +/- $100 is going rate for a normal Pro Moto 1" these days. A very nice one might fetch as much as $300, but I haven't seen that myself.

A fillet brazed custom is another story... That would be easily $300+


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I didn't want to pay the big bucks for the Salsa so I sold my Salsa Moto (non roller) and a friend gave me a nearly identical Odyssey roller stem for my 88 Fat Chance. Length and rise are right and visually I can't tell much of a difference besides the brass roller as opposed to the black one on the Pro Moto