Scary Monster Photos! Boo!


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Hey all, if I can start a fun thread....

It's Halloween, it's Monster Fat time, so between now and Halloween post a photo, the scarier the better, of your Monster Fat - if you feel like being in it too - go for it.

Get creative, weird, costumes encouraged, I have mine planned and I will try to get it posted asap.

Happy Halloween to all.......

Paul (MonsterMan)

Fort Worth


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Yeah, that's cool. i can tell it took you some time. Great job. :cool: or should I use :skull: ?


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Thanks everyone. My ten year old Son did all of the technical stuff. I gave him the ideas from all of the horror movies I used to watch (Which ironically he has never been allowed to view) He took them and ran with it.


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Happy Halloween Monsters!


Sorry so slow....... but here is my pic, popped the Amp fork and Spox on for the pic..... yes, must admit I own a Elvis wig AND glasses, hope everyone is well...... celebrating Halloween a day late by riding the weekly mountain bike time trials tonight in Fort Worth on the Monster. Guaranteed I will be the oldest rider on the oldest (but coolest) bike.

Stay safe, ride hard and often.....

Paul (MonsterMan)


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